"Chaudhary Computers & COMMERCIAL COLLEGE" has always been innovating to create excellence. I am sure the varied services that we offers our existing and aspiring students will be a great boon to students. Needless to say, the endeavor to nurture and even further enrich the quality of education will be our constant feature. As for the rest, there will always be changes. Undoubtedly, for the better. Since the time we began in 1960, we have constantly strived for excellence. Like for the many young minds we have shaped, it's the winning spirit that has been of essence. Even quintessential, if you look at it from our perspective. And winning is possible only when one has the power to perceive the need of the hour. Every moment in life is a fresh beginning. That brings with it the boundless joy of new possibilities. And the pleasure is compounded when you know, you are about to realize a lofty goal.


Recruitment Services

Our Services starts with building up relationship with the client and working on focused and well-defined job profiles to get the right person. We believe in meeting the client's requirements within a framework of specific schedule and in a cost-effective manner.

Advertising and Selection

Clients benefit from our experience of selecting and buying media space, writing advertisements and response handling. We will screen and select candidates, producing a final shortlist of the most suitable and appropriate talent for interview by the client.

Staffing Services

Staffing refers to manpower resources being hired on a permanent or short term basis. K7Staffing offers a viable staffing option by providing prompt solutions. K7Staffing tender the quick and easy availability of manpower resources to our clients and fulfill their immediate requirements.